What we believe

St. John’s is a Lutheran parish in the evangelical & catholic tradition. To be evangelical as a Lutheran is to be gospel-centered. The gospel is the free gift of God in Christ Jesus for all who believe. The gospel frees, rescues, and delivers all people from sin, death, and the powers of evil in this world. To be catholic as a Lutheran is to be mindful of and intentional about seeing the church as a universal body of believers by which all believers are connected through their common baptisms into Christ Jesus.

For more information on what we believe please email Pastor Staneck or visit www.lcms.org.

Who We Are

St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Atlantic District in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). Its roots date back to the early 1800’s in Williamsburg Brooklyn. On December 13, 1853, the church became known as St. John’s German Evangelical Lutheran Church and joined the Evangelical Lutheran Ministerium of New York. In April of 1861, St. John’s joined the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio, and other States (early name for the LCMS). During the 1920’s, a large number of congregants moved to Queens and bought homes in the newly developed area of Glendale. They planted the first St. John’s Church building across the street from its current location. The current church building’s cornerstone was laid on June 6, 1937, on the southeast corner of Myrtle Avenue and 88th Place during the pastorate of Rev. Henry C. Wolk. On June 25, 1944, Rev. Martin Theodore Steege was installed as pastor. St. John’s Lutheran School was originally opened in 1848 and despite a few closings and re-openings, remained an active school until 2011. Pastor Steege served St. John’s Church and School until 1973. Since 1973, the following pastors have served St. John’s: Rev. Kenneth Timm, Rev. Paul Behling, Rev. Dr. Donald Miles, Rev. William C. Fisher, Rev. Jessie Forrest and Rev. Marc Danzis. Today, St. John’s is served by Pastor Matthew O. Staneck.  St. John’s continues to serve the people of Glendale and surrounding communities with the joy of Jesus Christ!

Installation of the Rev. Matthew O. Staneck (center) on Sunday, October 1, 2017.


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